Friday, November 6, 2009

External GSM modem in Beagle board

My friend Tick just migrated 0xdroid to beagle-donut branch and then I go back to work on external GSM modem issue in Beagle board. This time I tried to connect two devices from my working Ubuntu machine via two USB cables. It becomes very easy to debug and trace the behaviour between GSM modem and Beagle board. I set up an ethernet bridge in Ubuntu machine ( and two USB networks. One is to connect with NEO phone ( and the other is to connect with Beagle board ( All of these three devices can see each other. Therefore, I can use ssh or adb shell to control them.

GSM modem is a device "/dev/ttySAC0" in NEO GTA02 phone and I use netcat to make it be listened in port 4270. This modem becomes now. How to make Android to see it? I use a pty small program from OpenedHand. It's like a pseudo terminal and it can reads and writes to the socket. Running it can make GSM modem become a device "/dev/pts/0" in Android. After starting ril-daemon service, it would connect to GSM modem. Then, everything is like usual. We can camp to GSM network and can dial out a phone call.
I am going to close this issue and then file other issues about ril problems later.

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