Saturday, October 31, 2009

Download Bluetooth OBEX UI from CyanogenMod

I am very glad CyanogenMod use Bluetooth OBEX support in their new released ROM image "version". If you'd like to try this feature, you could flash with their Android image. Also, you can use CM updater to keep tracing with their works!

Monday, October 26, 2009

how to have OBEX function in Android?

Few months ago, I was working on porting openobex, obexpushd and obexftp in Android. They are using commands and I don't have any UI application to use. It's not that convenient for common users. My friend jserv sent me a link in September, then I found there is a Bluetooth UI application about OPUSH/FTP profiles from Aurora forum. Therefore, I started to work on it.

At first, we should prepare Android building environment and I am using Donut branch now. My target is Android Dev phone. I can build the images for this device and flash with my images successfully. If you are familiar with Android building environment, you can use my works as below:

(1) Android frameworks
my work:

(2) Blueooth UI application patch from Aurora forum
my work:

(3) init.rc script patch
my work:

(4) bluedroid patch
my work:

(5) obexd (i use obexd-0.10 version)

(6) glib (i use glib-2.13.0 version)

(7) bluez patch
from aurora:;a=commit;h=c2fdca9be6ac9625c229728d83c9ca3b26b64bba

(8) openobex (i use openobex version 1.5)

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Android Bluetooth UI application from Aurora

Finally, I can use a friendly UI application in Android and it allows to use Bluetooth OPUSH/FTP profiles. I was working on porting obexd and merged some patches from Aurora forum to Donut tree. Here is a discussion in 0xlab-devel mailing list about OBEX integration in 0xdroid.

How is this Bluetooth UI application and what I can do? let's check some screen shots! Some examples between my nokia N73 phone and Android Dev phone.

Connect to other Bluetooth devices from G1
* scan nearby devices from Remote tab
* pair with it
* connect to it

Pull file from other Bluetooth device from G1
* explore file manager from Remote tab
* download an image file
* open it from Local tab

Push file from G1 to other Bluetooth device
* open Local tab
* choose a file
* send it out

Receive a vcard from other Bluetooth device to G1
* bluetooth authorize dialog
* accept a *.vcf file?
* press OK, it would store to Contact
* open Contact

Receive a mp3 file from other Bluetooth device to G1
* bluetooth authorize dialog
* accept a *.mp3 file?
* press OK, it would store to sdcard
* open Music