Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Android ROM images from community

When I got the Android Dev phone, I download the official Android images from HTC site. Sometimes I build some packages myself, then upload them to ADP. Yesterday, I started to try Android images from community. I am so surprised that I can see so many different and versatile images. Their images are even based on the newest Android code. jserv gave me a link that someone is using my work "android obex" in their Android images about two weeks ago, but I didn't figure it out. I was trying to find out how HTC HERO users can get root access and how I can flash Android images from community. I tried to flash about 5 different images and played all day long. Too interesting to quit...:D

Here is a very detailed table chart and it shows kinds of Android images. I can pick one based on its status, like kernel version, WiFi or BT status, what input method, or application status....etc.

The first image I tried is from CyanogenMod. I downloaded this image file and push it to /sdcard in ADP. We can enter into 'Recovery' mode to update this image.

I also found there is 'cyanogen-updater' application in Android Market. I can install it in ADP and then I can update with their newest image version. It can download ROM image and update it in Recovery mode automatically. After rebooting it, I found it has bluez utils and my obex stuff inside. It means users needn't download hidd, hcitool, or those binary files, and they needn't build those stuff themselves either. I think that is better for normal and common users. Some of my friends, they don't even know what Android phone is, but they know how to use Facebook, how to use Internet. If they buy an Android phone someday, they can use this application to flash image without pain or tears. How cool it is!

Furthermore, I found Chinese Input mothod in another Android image. It's my first time to try this HTC Chinese input method. I used handwriting method to write words and it's pretty good to use. It can recognize all my writings. I thought I would need a cell phone with qwerty keyboard, but now I think that I can use touch input as well. XD

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