Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Listen FM radio in Android

I started to work on beagle board from July and it's a low power OMAP3 based platform. My friend Tick is hacking it with Android recently. Therefore, it's very easy for me to pick up Android stuff in beagle board based on his work.

Since i am working on beagle board with Android, I need to use a lot of cable lines around it. Eg. HDMI cable, USB hub, USB keyboard, USB mice, speaker, mini USB cable and a bluetooth board. Those lines occupy my desk and my mind! Actually, I am checking Broadcom 4325 solution, it combines Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and FM radio functionality on a single-chip design. Yup! It means we can listen to FM Radio in Android. That is the one to keep me busy in July. :D

Here is a simple FM Radio application. It allows me to adjust FM frequency, preset few radio stations, mute/unmute, and auto scan....etc. I will make a video about FM radio later. The best scenario is browsing internet with WiFi, listen mp3 from a bluetooth speaker, and also listen FM radio from screen speaker by this tiny combo chip. And, it works!

PS. FM 99.7 is a classical radio station in Taiwan and it's my favorite one!

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