Monday, August 24, 2009

let's discuss more with 0xlab!

I am very glad that 0xlab created two mailing lists for community. We would like to see more people here. If you could drop us a line or few notes about our works, or express your idea about Android, it would be terrific! I am going to close my comment board in this tiny blog, since we have a better one. :P

Currently we have two mailing lists in Google groups website. 0xlab-discuss is for general discussion and 0xlab-devel is for development related topics. Please come to visit us!!

There are some different methods to join it.

Visit online: you can read all posts in Google group website.

Subscribe it: you can join our groups and read groups from your email. Also, you can post message to the group from your email too!

Available feeds: The feeds allow you to read new topics or new messages from this group with any feed reading software. For example, Bloglines, Google Reader, or Firefox RSS....

PS. you will need to create a google account to use Google Groups!

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