Monday, August 24, 2009

0xlab in COSCUP 2009

What is COSCUP? (Conference for Open Source Coders, Users and Promoters) It's a big event for Open Source group in Taiwan. It has become an annual festival for open source community members around Taiwan. This year it hold on August 15-16 in NTU. 0xlab has the great pleasure to become the sponsor and we are so happy to contribute 4 talks and one lightning show! :D

Unfortunately, I only found three talks in YouTube and missed two talks (olv and walkingice). We will try to provide their pretty slides online later. If you have interests about our talks, you may check these videos in YouTube. haha, our team member jserv is quite famous in Taiwan FOSS community. His talk in COSCUP 2009 is the most funny and most popular one. It's not easy to make people laugh on hard topic like 'Linux Virtualization Goes Mobile'. XD

let's discuss more with 0xlab!

I am very glad that 0xlab created two mailing lists for community. We would like to see more people here. If you could drop us a line or few notes about our works, or express your idea about Android, it would be terrific! I am going to close my comment board in this tiny blog, since we have a better one. :P

Currently we have two mailing lists in Google groups website. 0xlab-discuss is for general discussion and 0xlab-devel is for development related topics. Please come to visit us!!

There are some different methods to join it.

Visit online: you can read all posts in Google group website.

Subscribe it: you can join our groups and read groups from your email. Also, you can post message to the group from your email too!

Available feeds: The feeds allow you to read new topics or new messages from this group with any feed reading software. For example, Bloglines, Google Reader, or Firefox RSS....

PS. you will need to create a google account to use Google Groups!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009 God! Happy Installer!

Our team member jserv provides a very convenient 'Installer' tool and it's for beagle board + Android. What I need is one SD card and download three image files from 0xlab site. Just spend me two minutes and then I can play Android on beagle board.

1. Download images from 0xlab website

- wget (installer itself)
- wget (kernel image)
- wget (android image)

2. Prepare a SD card

- Format the first partition over than 100MB with VFAT on a SD card. (howto format)
- Copy those three image files into the first partition of SD/MMC card

3. Boot it with beagle board

- Plug the SD card in beagleboard SD slot and restart the beagleboard
- Wait for UI installer over
- Erase NAND flash with those three images
- Done

4. Reboot beagle board without SD card

- start to run Android system
- Enjoy!

PS. we provide daily build images as well. You may rename the image file and copy it to SD card.

PS1. here is a 2 minutes video in youtube based on real booting time!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

[video] Listen FM radio in Android

Listen FM radio in Android

I started to work on beagle board from July and it's a low power OMAP3 based platform. My friend Tick is hacking it with Android recently. Therefore, it's very easy for me to pick up Android stuff in beagle board based on his work.

Since i am working on beagle board with Android, I need to use a lot of cable lines around it. Eg. HDMI cable, USB hub, USB keyboard, USB mice, speaker, mini USB cable and a bluetooth board. Those lines occupy my desk and my mind! Actually, I am checking Broadcom 4325 solution, it combines Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and FM radio functionality on a single-chip design. Yup! It means we can listen to FM Radio in Android. That is the one to keep me busy in July. :D

Here is a simple FM Radio application. It allows me to adjust FM frequency, preset few radio stations, mute/unmute, and auto scan....etc. I will make a video about FM radio later. The best scenario is browsing internet with WiFi, listen mp3 from a bluetooth speaker, and also listen FM radio from screen speaker by this tiny combo chip. And, it works!

PS. FM 99.7 is a classical radio station in Taiwan and it's my favorite one!