Wednesday, June 3, 2009

QR code scanner in Android

We were talking about making our 0xlab business card this afternoon. How can make it be different? use particular title, like code generator, cleaner, terminator, or CEO something? ha, some people want to put finger print to provide their public key. I also want to put something interesting, then I think of 'QR code'.

I downloaded a 'QR code scanner'(reader) from Android Market and made a QR code image from this 'QR door website' (QR code generator). We can make few kinds of QR code image. Like contact information, URL, email address, RSS feed, Geo location, plain text, phone number....etc.

How we apply for these QR code type?

Contact information: it would be a name card. When we scan it by a cell phone, we can store it to Address book directly.

URL: when we scan it, we can open the link from web browser.

Geo location: we can provide Geo information for restaurants or sightseeing places. When we scan it, it can be added in the map. It would be extremely convenient for people cannot remember the address or people are easy to get lost.

Phone number: when we scan it, we can dial to this number directly.

SMS: when we scan it, we can launch SMS application to send a message.

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