Friday, May 22, 2009

playing with Android Dev Phone

Finally I got an Android Dev phone this week and start to have fun with it. The first thing is I do is to flash it with the newest android 1.5 system images. :)

* Flash the radio and system images
Official images from HTC: just follow their introduction, step by step, then all done. Or, build yourself! Yup, we can build the image from android source code too. Here is a document from android site. It show
s how to build the Android source and deploy it to Dev Phone. If you follow it, you will meet few problems. I solved it by this blog article.

* Busybox
We all know the toolbox in Android environment is too limited. Therefore, I download a busybox for Android from this site. Then, I can use a lot of BASIC commands in adb shell now.

* Bluetooth
Android is based on Bluez 3.36 version, but I found it doesn't have some useful bluez utils in official image. Therefore, I make bluez library and utility myself. Android provides their Bluetooth introduction and a good Bluetooth diagram here. I added "BOARD_HAVE_BLUETOOTH := true" one line in file and typed 'mm' in 'mydroid/external/bluez/' folder. Then it would build bluez related library and utilities. I use 'adb push' to Dev Phone. If you find the permission problem, you can use 'mount -o remount,rw -t yaffs2 /dev/block/mtdblock3 /system', it can make 'system' partition be writable. Or you should use 'chmod' to modify system folder permission.

* Connect to Bluetooth stereo headphone

1. make this BT device be discoverable (check its manu
2. on Dev phone, Wireless controls, turn Bluetooth 'On'
3. on Dev phone, Bluetooth settings, choose 'Scan for devices'
4. see a headset icon 'GgBlu' and click to Pair with it
5. Done! it shows 'Connected to phone and media audio'
6. Play music and make an incoming call
7. it can stop the music and display incoming call screen
8. after finished the phone call, it can continue to play music successfully

* Connect to the bluetooth mice and keyboard

Just follow this discussion and you can connect with BT mice and keyboard! Ha, I can write long email and blog article via my apple BT keyboard now.

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