Thursday, April 23, 2009

watch youtube in android

From Android supported media page, we can see they don't support FLV files. It means we cannot watch youtube videos in Android SDK 1.5 version. Therefore, here is a easy way and it allows you to download MP4 video file from youtube website. These are steps you need to do in Android.

1. open browser to youtube web site and search the video you want

2. before you click the video to play, press menu and select 'Go'

3. modify the current URL and insert 'pwn' to 'youtube'
eg. ==>

4. it would transfer to 'pwnyoutube' website

5. click to 'Download High Quality Video (MP4)'

6. this file is mp4 video format and android allows to play this format

Another way to see youtube in Android, here is a hint from olv's blog. Since he can run a cairo program via frame buffer, i believe we can run a mplayer program via frame buffer too. Therefore, we should be able to run any video formats that mplayer can support. Here is a video 'mplayer on Android' in YouTube.

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